Pic shows: Romanian woman Adelina Albu is offering 350 quid to the man who gets her pregnant.nnA Romanian woman is so desperate to get pregnant she is offering 350 quid to the man who does it.nnBroody brunette Adelina Albu, 25, from Timisoara in Timis country western Romania, put an ad up on Facebook saying: “Meeting men is not a problem. Meeting one who wants a baby is.nn”So, rather than wasting my time on a pointless relationship I¿m going to pay for it.nn”For 500 Euro you have fun, I get a baby.”nnShe added that she wasn¿t interested in a boyfriend or husband, whoever agreed would have to get a fertility test done and hand over all parental rights to her.nnShe said: “Men are so immature all they think about is themselves.nn”I am a mature, independent woman and I want a baby – not a man who behaves like one, but a proper one.nnNow she has been flooded with praise from well-wishers, and from eager men offering to help.nnAlina Jalea posted: “Well done! I admire you. Don¿t let yourself be affected by men who faint when they see a syringe.nn”They don¿t know the sacrifices we women have to go through having a child.”nnPetru Manescu wrote: “I¿m interested. Where and when?”nnWhile Ion Aldulescu posted: “I¿ll do it without the money. You¿re hot!”nnAdelina said: “So far I am not impressed with the responses as I get the impression they just want sex.nn”I don¿t want that.nn”I want a baby.”nn(ends)  n