We are a rather independent alternative news website based in Hong Kong, although our odd domain name from Estonia.

Recently our Facebook Page is blocked by Facebook. Our page posts is being banned from appearing in News Feed for a week. They claimed the limit is temporary.

But the key issue is, we still don’t know what posts are problematic, and how we can deal with the problem.

We believe it is probably triggered a number of reports, and the machine learning system did it automatically.

This sounds terrible to us, as our freedom of speech can be simply limited by some machine, and automatic chain of events.

So every time we heard people demand Facebook to deal with fake news, we always say, “no thank you”.

As we can see these sudden lost of voice happened to us, will happen to any page admin at any moment, especially pages base on current events.

That sounds horrible to us.

And we are now appealing against Facebook and hopefully we can get any feedback from Facebook, or we have to sit here to wait for one week.

This short note is more or less a warning to Page owners, and raising the issue that, is Facebook really a proper gatekeeper of our quality of press, or simply end up a threat to our freedom of press?